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The Month in Review

Thanks to all of you who are supporting our events. None of this would be possible without you. Hope to see as many of you as possible in the Fall at the Hunting Test or at the Field Trial. .

Members. Please tell us about your important wins and they will be posted here.

Updated August 8th, 2003

Dear Members,
As is always the case we have some big events to plan for this Fall and are short handed. We need the help of all of you in order to be able to keep providing some of the best field events to be found anywhere.
The reputation Paumanauk has gained by the quality of the events we run is a proud tradition worthy of maintaining. It also keeps us in business. If you don't care enough to participate in the fun had at these functions, then all is lost. 
It is not easy to put together a fair and unbiased judging panel or deal with the monumental paperwork required. That much effort is already done. All we ask of you is whatever you are able to give. Whether it be an hour or two of Bird Planting, or Donations of Food or Raffle Prizes. Whatever you are able to do will not be lost on those who struggle so hard to make these things happen.
Are you Listening?


Have you and your dog done something special lately. Let us Know and it will be posted here.